Business Phones With a Personal Touch

Since 2006, VoiceOnyx has provided Florida’s businesses with concierge-level customer experience for the most customized phone service available anywhere.



We’re Local, and We’re Exceptional.

VoiceOnyx is based in Orlando, providing onsite customer service to businesses throughout the state of Florida. We’re proud to offer world-class VoIP office phone service for Polycom phones, with concierge level customer experience that far outpaces the “big guys.” Tired of waiting on hold and being passed around from one representative to another? We understand. Here’s why it’s time to get to know VoiceOnyx: because we want to know you.

gears-icon Customization

No other business VoIP can compete with the level of customization offered by VoiceOnyx. We get to know your company culture and needs and build a system entirely tailored to your business.


Our professionals are onsite with you during installation, answering your questions and guiding you to get the most out of your new office phone system. Something about VoIP being done right here in Florida. Plus, installation and set-up are free.

users-icon Service

You’ll love having access to our experts whenever you need us. We’ll know you by name and invest deeply in building a lasting relationship that exceeds your customer experience expectations.

The VoiceOnyx Difference: VoIP is Here to Stay

What’s more reliable, VoIP or landlines? Here are some even better questions: How reliable can VoIP be, and how long will land lines exist? Take a look at the timeline below and discover how soon VoIP will be replacing copper plain old telephone (POTS) lines.

phone-iconThe Reliability Issue

Less than a decade ago, some businesses considered VoIP unreliable. The problem was not VoIP itself, but installation and implementation. The same is true for any business phone service, whether business VoIP, hosted voice, digital phone service, or cloud PBX.

ban-icon Landlines Decommissioned

According to a 2013 Federal Trade Commission’s general counsel statement, landlines will be decommissioned within 5-10 years. Instead of waiting for that to occur, switch over to the best VoIP plan today.

forward-icon What’s Next

VoiceOnyx uses the time-tested methodologies that made landlines so reliable: professionally installing, testing, and continuously monitoring the connection. We have also implemented technology that will keep your phone service operational during a power outage. Combining this proven approach with the feature-rich technology of VoIP, VoiceOnyx has created the perfect hybrid for the future of telecommunications. Experience the VoiceOnyx difference today and embrace the future, backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Our Customers

We provide business VoIP service across all Florida industries and to companies of all sizes. Because VoiceOnyx is completely customizable, we can create a system that’s a perfect fit for you, whether you’re a medical office, car showroom, call center, retail store, or any other kind of business.