Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a contract required, if so, how long is the term, and what is the early termination fee?

Guess what? No contract, no terms, and nothing to terminate. If you’re not happy, you can leave our service at any time. But we really want you to enjoy your VoiceOnyx phone system, and we will strive to keep your business, not with a contract, but with excellent service. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

What does the 30-day money back guarantee entail?

We provide service without a contract offer a money back guarantee. If for any reason you wish to cancel your service within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your money upon uninstallation of any equipment. Click HERE for more details.

Will taxes, fees, and surcharges be added to my phone service pricing?

No. VoiceOnyx Business Phone Service pricing is inclusive of taxes, fees, and surcharges. You will receive a simple one-page invoice summary each month. It will always be transparent and inclusive, a refreshing change that you will appreciate. Product purchases, however, will have applicable Florida sales taxes applied.

Who performs the onsite installation and what does it cost?

Rather than sending you boxes of Polycom phones with a set of instructions, a trained VoiceOnyx technician deliver your equipment and perform your installation in person. At VoiceOnyx, it’s all about the art of showing up: the performance of your equipment depends on it, and our new relationship depends on it. VoiceOnyx does not charge for installations and will never send out a third party contractor.

Are additional phone numbers and toll-free minutes included in the pricing?

Each VoiceOnyx customer is issued or can port in, one Toll-Free number which includes unlimited inbound calling. Each account can also have one local number for each active phone in service. So if you have 5 phones, one toll-free and five local numbers are included. If you need more local numbers, they are only $2/month. Additional toll-free numbers are $5/month.

How are international minutes billed?

VoiceOnyx offers unlimited calling and does not meter your usage. VoiceOnyx offers several flat rate International calling plans based on your business type. They range from $10/month to $30/month. Some international locations are blocked due to the risk of fraud, tariffs, or government advisories. Most customers are pleasantly surprised by our coverage. For details, please inquire with a sales team member.

Who programs, customizes, and manages the phone system, and are there costs associated with maintenance?

All VoiceOnyx employees are Polycom certified, trained and knowledgeable with all the features and functionality of our business phone systems. We program all equipment before installation and continuously manage your account at no cost. Other providers drop ship phones, provide an administration portal and with their customers “good luck’. Not VoiceOnyx. We do it all for you. Just another reason why we’re better than the competition.

What is the cost associated with moving and reinstalling?

VoiceOnyx is a service provider exclusive to Florida. If your business is relocating somewhere within the state, we will reinstall your equipment at your new location, for free. Some customers prefer that we also uninstall, pack up, and move their equipment. Our hourly rate for this service depends on the size, time and distance of the move.

Are professional recordings for voice menus, holiday closures, and voicemails provided at no cost?

Yes. We can professionally record your custom greetings in both English and Spanish to be configured to your phone system at no cost. You also have the option of providing existing recordings, “on-hold music,” or recording in-house through your new Polycom phone.

Are all features including custom features and call recording included?

Yes. While we prepare for your installation, our team will work to learn about your business.
We’ll help you determine all of the best features for your business. At VoiceOnyx, all of our features are included! We even invite your requests for custom features. With other business phone service providers, customers later find out there are extra charges for additional features they want and need. Certain custom requests may require a reasonable custom project fee.

Customer Care

Where are your corporate offices and technical team located?

Our corporate office is in Orlando, Florida. All of our customer service and technical staff are located right here in Florida as well. This is the VoiceOnyx difference: every phone call, email, live chat, or site visit is with a local VoiceOnyx employee who is knowledgeable and who cares about supporting your business with top-quality service.

Is the customer service department local or overseas? Are they always available?

You’re probably used to support for your business phone service being outsourced overseas. That’s not the case with VoiceOnyx. We answer your calls here in Florida, and if for any reason we can’t answer immediately, one of our team members–a person who understands your account and cares about providing you with excellent service–calls back very quickly.

What is the average support hold time when calling for help?

Our average hold time is less than 2 minutes when calling 611 for help, less than 2 minutes for live chat support, and less than 30 minutes for email ticket requests.

Is 24/7 emergency technical support offered?

VoiceOnyx is open during normal business hours and also provides on-call 24/7 emergency technical support.

Are direct employees or subcontractors performing the dispatched technical support?

VoiceOnyx will service your account with direct and accountable employees. If you request a service outside of the scope of what we offer, such as extensive low voltage cabling, we can refer you to a trusted partner.

What is the cost of a technical support site visit?

Here’s the really good part. With VoiceOnyx, there is never a charge for a site visit, and we don’t want you to be shy about asking for one. If you feel the issue can be better solved on site, we will be happy schedule an appointment.

Phone Service

If the phone service is dependent on an Internet connection, then who monitors our connection for power outages or weather-related incidents and what is done to mitigate downtime?

VoiceOnyx monitors the quality of your internet connection 24/7 and keeps your diagnostic history for 90 days. We provide a level of accountability that no one else can. Using our quality of service (QoS) monitoring tools we can ensure you have the best quality phone service, or we can help you solve issues with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). VoiceOnyx also offers a dedicated connection replacement to guarantee a quality connection.

How many simultaneous conversations are supported until someone receives a line-busy tone?

VoiceOnyx does not limit the number of calls your phone number can receive at a time. Each individual phone can easily manage 4-6 calls depending on the model. If you expect more calls than that at a time, ask us about our Queue technology for handling a larger volume of calls.

What type of warranty is offered and who handles warranty requests for the purchased phones and hardware?

VoiceOnyx handles all warranty requests and offers a no-hassle phone replacement while your phone undergoes diagnostics. We perform the standard warranty procedure. Just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest.

Does the option exist to install a separate dedicated IP access line in case the existing on-site connection is not reliable?

Some of our customers know when coming to us that they have an unreliable internet connection. We may be able to solve your Internet issues with our Static IP standard, special router, and professional installation. Or, we can (and typically do) solve the problem by installing a dedicated internet access line just for your business phone service.

Do you have any references or reviews?

We sure do, take a look here.