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Are you frustrated with your business phone service? Whatever’s bringing you down–whether it’s the hefty price tag of add-on features; the terrible customer service; the lack of options–Freedom VoiceOnyx is the solution for you. We offer the most inclusive plan, the most customizable features, and the most caring support team you’ll ever find.

Freedom VoiceOnyx

Florida’s Business Plan

The Best Customer ExperienceWhen you need help with your business phone service, do you want to search a “knowledge base” or talk to a human? We know how frustrating it is to hunt for solutions, give up, call for help, wait on hold, and get passed from one representative to the next. So, we never ask you to do that. Our Concierge level customer care is here for you, beginning with installation and continuing for the life of our relationship.

All Inclusive Pricing

No Setup or Installation Fees

Unlimited Calling

Unlimited Inbound Toll Free

Local Numbers for Every Phone Included

No Term Contracts

Money Back Guarantee

Professionally Recorded Greetings

Unlimited Conferencing

101+ Features Included

The Other Guys

What Everyone Else Has

The Do It Yourself ExperienceAt some point, the D.I.Y. mentality crept into customer service. That’s why the other guys want you to search their “Self Service Portal”–an overwhelming trove of online data that they’re actually proud of–to find help. If you try to call, you’ll likely reach a total stranger outside of Florida, and they’ll keep you on hold for far too long. Some of the other guys even ship you your phones and equipment and leave it to you to install.

Up to 30% in Surprise Taxes, Fees, and “Surcharges”

Self Installation Required

Calling Exclusions and Restrictions Apply

High Per Minute Rate

Extra Charges for Additional Numbers

12 to 36 Month Contracts

Difficult to Cancel Service or Change Providers

Record Your Own

Extra Charges and Limits on Conferencing

12 Basic Features and Extra Charges for More

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101+ Features

All Included and Setup Just For You

Multiple Voicemail Folders

Multiple Voicemail Folders allow for users that prefer to manage voicemails on the phone system and can easily store and
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Missed Call Indicator

Missed Call Indicator is a basic feature that shows a visual indicator on the Polycom phone screen. This feature also
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Side Car Call Transfers

Call Transfers are designed for large companies. Typically, a sidecar attaches to the side of your Polycom reception phone, which
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International Local Numbers

International Local Numbers are available in over 100 countries and can be acquired from the local, in-country telecommunications provider. International
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Fax to Email

Want to get rid of your fax machine but still receive faxes? Fax to Email routes incoming faxes to your
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Auto Divert

Auto Divert lets you divert wanted or unwanted callers to another extension. Auto Divert is set based on the Caller
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Call Analytics

Call Analytics allows you to quickly run reports based on your inbound, outbound, or internal calls. Call Analytics can also
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Barging a call is when an authorized employee or manager takes control of a call. This feature is useful in
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Call Logs

Call Logs provide detailed information for each inbound, outbound, or internal call. Having a detailed call log is necessary for
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Agent Queue Login/Logout

Agent Queue Login manages frequently changing members of a group. Similar to clocking in and out, this feature allows for
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