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We Strive for 5 Star Service

Here’s what people who have experienced the VoiceOnyx difference are saying about us. Because customer satisfaction is our goal, detailed feedback is essential. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve Florida, and for the positive reviews we’ve received about our business phone service. If you have feedback of your own to share, Contact Us.


It is easy for me to get ahold of someone when I have a question. I call all the time and have no problem reaching customer service. Any problems we had, VoiceOnyx was here to sort them out. We had an old system before and Joshua was great in helping us get that all sorted out.

Review left via phone on 7/7/2016

VoiceOnyx has better customer service, better features, and the tech staff is outstanding. Joshua has been very helpful.

Mario Soler, Florida Advertising and Marketing Corp Miami, FL
Review left via phone on 7/7/2016

The service before was lousy but since All Star Auto Lights got VoiceOnyx, everything has been spot on. Right there when we need them. Josh is the most important person on staff.

Review left via phone on 7/7/2016

I had Sprint in Kissimmee and they were absolutely horrible. You could never tell how much it was going to cost, and the service was terrible. I don’t know how long I have been with VoiceOnyx now, it must be over 5 years. I have had virtually no problems, no dissention with billing, my phone bill is cut in half, and all I have to do is make sure that my computers are running and my phone is running. It’s fabulous.

Review left via phone on 6/22/2016

We haven’t had anybody else. VoiceOnyx has been the only one we have used, We hired you at the beginning and you’re it. We may have had AT&T, but in all honesty, we were so small I don’t remember, it was just a phone company, the phones worked and that was all. The service has been exceptional.

Trish Bookout, EDC Services Group Lake Mary, FL
Review left via phone on 6/22/2016

After using standard phone service for my business for over 10 years, switching to VoiceOnyx was easy. I’m glad I did it. Not only is our phone system much smarter than it used to be, I’m also saving money each and every month on my phone bills.

Review sent via email on 9/22/2009

I’m writing to thank you very much for all your help, I really appreciate Liz’s patience answering all my questions and her willingness to help me out. Thank you! I’m also very happy with the installation. It went very well and Jon was very professional and willing to answer any questions. Also Jennifer has been very nice and helpful as well. Thank you to all for making my experience with Voice Onyx a great one!

Daylin Ramos, Duo Fast Transport Miami, FL
Review sent via email on 6/23/2012

Now that I switched my phone system to Voiceonyx I don’t have to worry about going over my minutes, plus I get to save over $1000 each month!!! Great staff. Liz is awesome!!!

Jackie Cox Windermere, FL
Review left via SuperPages on 2/1/2011

As a customer for 1 year I am very satisfied with my phone service! The staff at VoiceOnyx is very attentive, and the best thing is that they are always available when you need them!

Jennifer Reyes Winter Springs, FL
Review left via SuperPages on 2/11/2011

found the customer service so pleasant and refreshing compared the the hair pulling time I usually have with a phone company. That’s why I’m taking the time to write a review. I found the pricing reasonable and although I could find cheaper, one has to ask, how much is my time worth? Thank You VoiceOnyx for giving me an hour of my time back so I can focus on my business. 5 Stars!

Darryl Bowers Orlando, FL
Review left via SuperPages on 1/6/2014

Very good customer service and technical support! with just dial 611. They are always available 24/7. The best thing about this phone company they don’t require a contract.

Alejandro Cardenas Hialeah, FL
Review left via YellowPages on 1/20/2011

I help call centers with operations, communication is key for sure! These guys are always helping me out. Great staff…great service…period.

Jamal Powell Orlando, FL
Review left via YellowPages on 4/24/2011

I decided to open a call center a few years back and was talked into using standard phones. The quality was horrible! Then I was talked into using computer Soft Phones, and that was even worse!! I had an acquaintance who had a call center that used Polycom phones provided through VoiceOnyx, and he invited me to his office, and what I witnessed with my own eyes was nothing short of my dream come true! The phones were ringing, and the quality was perfect. I called VoiceOnyx, and they set me up with some phones and did their installation, and to this day they offer the best customer service I have ever come across. If there are any problems, they jump on them and fix them. If there’s something I need, they make sure I get it! You cannot go wrong with VoiceOnyx as the provider for your business phone service!! Thank you VoiceOnyx Support Team!!

Glen Howard Maitland, FL
Review left via YellowPages on 6/10/2011

VoiceOnyx is nothing less than amazing. No more tollfree inbound costs, and my clients can reach me on my cell phone anytime truly the best thing since sliced bread!

Sara Barnes Apopka, FL
Review left via Yellow Pages on 7/29/2011

This is a great business with friendly and very helpful staff. I highly recommend this service for any small business!!

Sophie Dalton Orlando, FL
Review left via YellowPages on 7/2/2011

VoiceOnyx manages my network for free and they call our internet provider when they see a problem.

Keith Vreeland Orlando, FL
Review left via Google on 4/7/2011

VoiceOnyx is a wonderful phone company. I have used their services for several years, and the cost of my company telephone service has gone down by over 50%. The level of service is substantially better than it ever was with any of the giant telephone companies and I have no extra charges for long distance or international service.

James Burton Kissimmee, FL
Review left via Google on 11/9/2012

My new VoiceOnyx service has exceeded my expectations. I travel with an extra phone  that takes my office everywhere. Being able to retrieve office voice message files via email from any of my devices is incredibly efficient. Voice quality is excellent. VoiceOnyx setup and personal service support has been outstanding. I highly recommend.

Review left via Google on 8/4/2014

We have multiple locations in Florida, and VoiceOnyx is our business phone company for all of them. It is very convenient to transfer calls to another location with just the 3digit extension dial. Our sales team utilizes the “find me follow me” feature daily when they are offsite. Customers do not have to track their reps as the phone system does it for them. Our IT Company was so impressed with all the “In The Cloud” options that they have referred 3 more business to VoiceOnyx. We were also very impressed that our monthly expenses for the phone system decreased significantly. I would definitely recommend to another business owner.

Jennifer Ellenburg, Assurd Toxicology Orlando, FL
Review left via Google on 2/21/2014

We use VoiceOnyx at Realty Executives Orlando. They have amazing customer service, fair prices, and they are unlike dealing with companies that are just too big. I’ve dealt with other VOIP providers, and worked in the industry, and these guys just keep it simple and clean. Equipment costs are very reasonable, and they architect the solution well. Dealing with them is a breeze. Other companies make you want to pull your hair out when they have issues because you go through India after wasting time on hold. Not so here, you deal with the same reps that are local to you, they take responsibility for the entire solution, and they get the job done without fuss. These guys don’t tie you to contracts because they don’t NEED to. When you do business the right way, customers are loyal.

Review left via Google on 3/12/2014

VoiceOnyx has 5 star support. Their products are good and crystal clear. Joshua has always been very helpful.

John Kassel Jacksonville, FL
Review left via phone on 7/18/2016

Very, very good customer service!

Reviewed via Demand Force on 6/6/2014

VoiceOnyx is an excellent company to work with. I would highly recommend this company for telephone service.

Ryan Burke Orlando, FL
Reviewed via Demand Force on 6/6/2014

Jon was very attentive and provided excellent assistance and information. He is a wealth of knowledge. He has ideas for what we are doing and made recommendations to make it easier and better.

Elizabeth Daniels Orlando, FL
Reviewed via Demand Force on 6/6/2014