Unlimited International Calling Plans

International calling is a must for many Florida businesses. Whether you need to place just one or two international calls a month or are making international calls daily, VoiceOnyx has an international business phone service plan option to meet your needs.

Freedom Global

Perfect for Office and Retail

$10/ month

Unlimited International Calling

Landlines and Mobile Included

On Demand with No Contracts

International Calling

Connecting your business to the world!

Fast Facts About Our International Calling Plan Options

  • Available as add-ons: All of our international calling plan options are available as add-ons to your basic Freedom VoiceOnyx calling plan.
  • All international capabilities are extension-based: You do not need to add international calling to every extension in the office. If only one phone extension needs international calling capability, you’ll only be charged the international fee for that one phone extension.
  • No per-minute charges: You pay one all-inclusive fee added to your bill each month regardless of how many international calls you place, based on your plan. This makes VoiceOnyx international calling plans much more affordable than our competition!

International Calling Plan Choices

  • Freedom Global: This is our most basic international calling plan option. It is best suited for retail and office type businesses that make just a few international calls a month.
  • Freedom Call Center: This is a more robust plan. It is ideal for marketing companies that place international calls daily.
  • Freedom Global Custom: Custom plans are recommended for businesses that require high volume calling with the best possible quality and up-time or who target specific countries in high volume.

Businesses That Benefit From International Calling Plans

VoiceOnyx's flexible international calling plans are well-suited to many different types of businesses including:

  • Travel & Leisure
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • Call Centers
  • Vacation Package Sellers
  • Attorneys – particularly immigration and real estate attorneys

Add International Calling To Your VoiceOnyx Plan Today

If international calling is something your Florida business could use, contact VoiceOnyx today to discuss plan options. We will work with you to identify the best, most affordable, plan to meet your needs.